Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be your own protagonist.

Last night Kevin Corrigan was telling a story about hanging out with Al Pacino at a diner. He and some buddies had put on a play, and Pacino came to see it and took them all out afterwards. This is way back when KC was just starting out. He paraphrased Pacino, and I'm in turn going to paraphrase him. He said that we're all actors. That everybody is the lead in their own movie.

I think about acting a lot. I started acting pretty young. I was 15. I found that a lot of the skills I learned there were useful in what we call "regular life." Not always in an admirable way. I can lie pretty convincingly. I'm pretty good at manipulating my emotions. I'm self-analytical to a fault. I try not to use that stuff for evil, but it's in my pocket.

What I realized, though, when Corrigan espoused this idea of every person's life being their own movie, is that I'm not sure I see myself as the lead in mine. I'm definitely more than a spectator, and I think I drive more of the action than an extra. Am I a supporting player? Am I crew? An executive producer? (Probably not. They usually have money.) I'm not sure. But from now on, my goal is to be the lead. I don't know if I have to audition or how exactly this works, but whatever it takes. This should be a good part. Probably needs a few rewrites, but I think it has a lot of potential. Thanks, Kevin Corrigan!

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